About Us

Introduction to Faust

Faust International Youth Theatre was formed in 1999 to bring the wonderful world of theatre and performing arts to the young people of Hong Kong. Faust arrived in Singapore in 2012.

We aim to provide a fun-filled learning environment where those involved not only learn, but also develop greater self-confidence and an enhanced ability to work with others. Members are encouraged to work with their peers, respect each other's work and learn from their experiences.

Development from one season to the next is our target. At Faust learning is just as important as performing. In fact, commitment, rather than talent, is the key, and those registered should be keen on taking part. Faust provides youth theatre programmes directly to schools, typically as part of a school’s after-school activities schedule.

All our programmes are taught by experienced and qualified leaders who bring a wealth of personal experience and expertise to the group.